Rise of Defenders

Official Rise Of Defenders Whitepaper


We're Apero - Game Developer and the top 30 Google Play apps in the world.

It's an honor to introduce the game Rise of Defenders, the top NFT game title, where you can experience great images, attractive gameplay combines the most attractive money making opportunities.

Our Apero team has experience of developing the world's top games, we always aim to create games that offer the most value to the players. Now, we've done it through blockchain technology and NFT.

Join the Rise of Defenders, you are not only experiencing a fun gameplay and a spectacular world, the players also have a unique experience. Players can collect NFT items such as heroes, mythical equipment, and reinforced items through various game modes. All the players' efforts will be rewarded with a fair amount of money. Not only fame but also valuable items that not every game can have.

Let's explore the opportunities to make money together with us in Rise of Defenders.

Team Apero.

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