RDG token

Total Supply: Infinite

  • RDG coins are not sold directly to users.

  • RDG coins received during game play. After receiving the RDG, the player can claim the RDG to the wallet.

How to earn

  • Campaign: Win the Campaign stage

  • Daily Quest: Received when completing a task in Daily Quest

  • Battle Pass: Players can get RDG by reaching milestones in the Battle Pass. Battle Passes will be reset after an amount of time.

  • Tournament: RDG is one of the season rewards for participating in Tournament.

  • Arena: The players can get RDG when fighting other players in Arena mode.

User Case

  • Hero Level Up: the only way to level up heroes is by using RDG coins.

  • Upgrade equipment’s level: equipment can also be strengthened.

  • Normal loot box: RDG coins can also be used to buy Normal loot boxes, which can unlock champion shards and equipment.

  • Castle Level Up: the only way to level up Castles is by using RDG coins.

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