Growth model

User acquisition strategy

Each gamer who enters the new RoD environment boosts the likelihood of a game developer receiving financing. As a result, attracting and maintaining a big user base is critical.

Our user acquisition approach is designed to bring people to the platform in a methodical and long-term manner. The four primary components of our user acquisition strategy are outlined in the following section: Affiliate Program, Influencer Marketing, Community Angel, and Reward System are some of the features available.

ROD also provides its player base with a variety of profit-making options. Owning RDR tokens, trading, swapping heroes, equipment, and loot boxes are all ways for players to make money.

NFT marketplaces

The NFT marketplace is where players may purchase and sell heroes, equipment, and treasure boxes. Collaboration with other NFT markets has a lot of possibilities. This will help the platform get exposure and attract more gamers. Players may also offer their NFT products on other markets to maximize their exchange value.

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