Vision & Mission


We believe that Blockchain-based play-to-earn games will take off in the near future, providing players all over the world with additional opportunities to make money while having fun. in the era of the internet

With the construction of the Rise of Defenders world, we hope to see a significant increase in the global Blockchain-based financial sector.


Our mission is to provide you with the most engaging and unique gaming experience possible, as well as the most profitable earning potential for gamers, all while supporting the widespread use of blockchain technology. More precisely:

Provide players with a full gaming system, similar to that of any other substantial investment game, ranging from PvE and PvP modes, character systems, enormous equipment systems, and higher community features like the Guild system, Raid Boss mode, and so on.

Transparency and earnestness in establishing a robust Rise of Defenders community, bringing the game's NFT value to the next level and delivering benefits for players that devote time in the game.

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